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Innovative keyless solutions for Doors & Furniture

Every time you leave valuables, such as money, jewellery, or vital documents, at your home, business, or even when you leave your baggage in a hotel room while you are gone, security is a concern. Technology advancements have brought us to a moment when security-related mediums are developing quite quickly. Introducing Fort Locks that keep up with the evolving security standards. Even kids and elderly can utilize it effortlessly because the functionality is so diverse.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 TUV SUD certified company and our products are CE Certified. We are also a DPPIT and ZED certified entity and our products are completely made in India.

Revolutionary custom made electronic devices

At Pinaka, we aim to provide simple solutions for complex problems. Also we thrive to meet our client’s objectives through our multidisciplinary approach that can bring our client ideas to life.

In addition to our main product line, we amalgamate our efforts and expertise to create customized IOT solutions that cater to a wide range of industries such as agritech, construction, banking etc.

Our exceptional engineering team, equipped with a deep understanding of the latest technologies and a passion for innovation develop products that not only deliver unparalleled accuracy and efficiency but also exhibit captivating aesthetics.

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Where our products can be used?

Access Modes

Fingerprint Scanner

Unlock your Door/Cabinets with Fort is at your fingertips now.

  • 50 fingerprint storage capacity.

  • IP 67 Rated fingerprint sensors.

  • Less than one second recognition time.

  • 3 admin fingerprints and 47 user fingerprints.


Fort locks comes with a Finger print or RFID to enable ease of operation.

  • 50 fingerprint storage capacity along with 2 RFID cards.

  • Fingerprint-enabled wardrobe lock along with RFID option.

  • Durable steel bolt for added security.

  • Battery operated and function without electricity or internet connection.

Number pad access

Access your lock with a secure number combination set by you.

  • Every guest can set their own passcode

  • Additional access with 2 RFID cards is available for the hotel management to use in case of an emergency

Electronic Door Lock

Suitable for Residential and Commercial purpose

  • Four Access modes in one lock

  • Display unit for guidance

  • Capacity for 50 fingerprints, 9 digital pins, 20 RFID Cards on request and 2 mechanical keys

  • Designed to withstand any Kind of environmental impacts

  • Renaissance of conventional door locks


Our Happy Clients

Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How many extra emergency RFID tags/Keys are available, and how many fingerprints are permitted?

    We include two RFID tags with our product, and Fort Classic includes two mechanical keys in addition to the RFID tags. In our products, up to 50 fingerprints can be added or removed.

  • 2. What types of furniture are compatible with your product?

    Our product is suitable for both traditional and modern furniture. The thickness of the furniture might be as low as 10mm, however, the height of the furniture must be at least 50mm. Fort Classic must be installed on doors with a minimum thickness of 32mm since the thickness of the mortise/lock body cannot be accommodated on doors with a thickness less than that.

  • 3. Can sliding doors be utilized with it?

    Yes. Sliding doors will require a different fit for our product, but our installation experts will handle it just like any other piece of furniture.

  • 4. How long is the warranty on your products?

    We offer a one-year warranty and free product replacement in the event of a manufacturing failure.

  • 5. Must I register in order to purchase your product?

    No, not always. Visit our contact us page for more information, or leave a missed call at +91 8567856758 and our sales team will contact you.

  • 6. Can I utilize it outdoors?

    FORT Classic is a digital door lock that includes advanced functions. Our product has been created and engineered to endure all types of environmental influences.

  • 7. What does your package include?

    Our delivery contains the lock front and back unit, battery and charging unit if included with your product, and a user handbook with post-installation instructions.

  • 8. What if the battery dies and I'm unable to access the lock?

    Our batteries are long-lasting, lasting 5 to 6 months with regular use. However, if you have not used the locks in a long time and have forgotten to charge the battery, there is a dedicated USB - connector at the bottom of the locks that can operate as a temporary power supply when linked to a power source (ex. power bank).

  • 9. How will our product be accommodated in hotels and resorts?

    Our FORT EMERALD can be installed in places where consumers have access to preserve their valuables by setting their own pin utilizing our locks attached to cabinets/wardrobes. Passwords can be set and updated several times by various customers, while the product owner retains master access.